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Envision a Slimmer You

Shedding weight and keeping it off can be a hard task to pull off. Whether you are looking to lose significant weight or want to maintain your current shape, exercise and a healthy diet alone may not be enough. Inspire MedSpa has done a lot of research and found an anti-obesity drug that will work for you! This anti-obesity drug works just like polypeptides do in your body. Polypeptides are more commonly known as amino acids and act as your body’s fat burners and muscle builders. There’s a lot of fancy science terminology we can pull out for you, terms like polymer chains and bonding for instance, but we like to keep it easy-breezy here at Inspire MedSpa. Let’s get to the down and dirty of it, shall we?

What can this Anti-Obesity Drug do for You?

When paired with a healthy diet and good exercise habits, this anti-obesity drug can help you lose weight. Because it is reacting like naturally-found amino acids in your body, this drug is considered pretty low risk. Here’s a list of things this anti-obesity drug can help you with:

  • Decrease the accumulation of fat
  • Create a decrease in body weight gain
  • Improve Triglyceride and Cholesterol levels
  • Increases your overall energy

The great thing about this drug is that it also has a very good safety and tolerability profile. For instance, it has been used in the treatment of osteoarthritis, hypercholesteremic, and bone and cartilage repair. It will not contribute to insulin resistance. The anti-obesity drug supports steady, moderate weight reduction, particularly on abdominal fat.

Imagine feeling good on the inside and out! What are you waiting for? Call Inspire MedSpa today: 540-739-3214.

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