Exercise & O Shot

Many of us women, as we age, experience urinary dribbling when trying to exercise. This can create apprehension and may even prevent some women from attempting to exercise due to the bothersome and sometimes embarrassing urinary leakage. The O Shot is a bold new approach to restoring tissue health. It helps eliminate the urinary leakage by rejuvenating tissue.

This is a procedure that we perform in this clinic. Through a simple blood draw we obtain Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from your own blood. We harvest the healing elements, growth factors, and stem cells that are used for this procedure. It consists of 2 injections, one internally into the vaginal wall and one externally into the clitoris. We numb the area thoroughly so patients feel little or no pain.

Growth factors within the PRP promote overall tissue rejuvenation providing overall improved intimate health and vaginal rejuvenation. It is one of the few treatments available for female sexual dysfunction and urinary leakage and is backed by scientific research. By using your own blood we eliminate rejection and adverse reactions commonly seen with medications. It is non-surgical and can be completed in one office visit. The procedure usually takes about 1 hour to complete and you can return to previous activities without any down time.

The O Shot has demonstrated a 90% cure rate and lasts approximately 1 year, depending on how fast your body ages. When considering treatments, explore your options. Sometimes looking “outside of the box” for innovative treatments can provide the best outcome.

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