What Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections have done for me

I have suffered from piriformis syndrome for over a year. I have pain in the lower back, right groin, right IT band and frequently pain in my right knee. I have injected the piriformis 3 times with steroids with temporary relief for a few months. Wet and cold weather exacerbate the symptoms.
On 3/6/19 I injected the piriformis muscle with PRP, but still contains growth factors. However, I made the mistake of using NSAIDs for pain relief not realizing at the time that it slows the healing process if not stopping it all together. I had some improvement but still hurting so on 4/16/19 I injected the muscle again. This time I refused to use NSAIDs and used Tylenol for pain. By 7/10/19 I was feeling relief from the piriformis spasms that have plagued me for months.
Piriformis issues usually result from other areas, usually the back. After the piriformis healed, I was able to pinpoint an area of the lumbar spine that was tender, L4-L5. I would wake up stiff and found getting up from a sitting position to be uncomfortable at first. So, I had another NP, a friend and coworker to inject my lumbar with PRP which I did on 8/23/19.
Today, 9/5/19, is the first day that I have not used a back brace first thing in the morning to reduce discomfort. The biggest issue I have now is the right groin pain I am attributing to an irritated nerve caused by my back issues mainly which is degenerative disc disease of the lumbar which is common with aging. With the back brace, I do not experience any groin pain so the problem is positional.
It is my hope that PRP will rejuvenate that area so that I can maintain a position that is comfortable without pain. I will continue to post my progress as I feel that I will get the same benefit I did when I injected my piriformis.

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