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PRP Facelift in Blacksburg, VA

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Facelifts that require surgery are a difficult choice to make, even if you are really in need of it. You first need to find a trusted surgeon who knows facial geometry, and then you need to make sure you’re comfortable with that surgeon. Because of this, the PRP Facelift has shown itself as an inexpensive and amazing alternative. Getting a PRP facelift, PRP face injection,  PRP treatment for face, or finding a PRP therapy can be easy when you call Inspire MedSpa! If you are in Blacksburg, VA, feel free to stop in and ask us for more information.

PRP Face Injections

The PRP Facelift is advantageous in many ways, but the greatest thing about the PRP Facelift is how effortless it is. PRP face injections are pretty painless, last a long time, and have virtually no downtime. There are so many benefits to Platelet-Rich Plasma facelifts, but you still may be wondering: why get a PRP facelift over the alternative? Below are a few reasons:

Why get a Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift?

The going rate for these PRP facelift procedures is not as expensive as their surgical counterparts. A PRP facelift on your entire face will cost you a few thousand dollars. Furthermore, if you are curious what the going rates are at Inspire MedSpa (located in Blacksburg VA), simply give us a call and we’ll give you price points!

Are There any Downsides to a PRP Facelift?

PRP Treatment for Face

A PRP treatment for your face is a great way to add a natural-looking lift. As a result of a PRP facelift, you will notice a more youthful complexion without the complications that come with botox or other dermal fillers. PRP facelifts come from your body, so you will never experience an allergic reaction to the PRP treatment for face concerns. You may be wondering if you’re a viable candidate for the PRP treatment. Let’s go through who the PRP facelift is for:

PRP facelifts are intended for people desiring a youthful and soft complexion but who do not wish to go in for surgery or use the dermal fillers route. We use PRP to bring back volume in eight strategic areas. These eight areas are almost synonymous with what is known as the eight-point lift in surgery/dermal terms and come at a low-cost comparatively.

If you are looking to do the following, a PRP facelift may be right for you:

  • Reduce any sag or droop within the face (caused, mostly, by aging)
  • Erase the fatigued look of dark circles
  • Replenish elasticity in the cheeks and along the jawline and mouth
  • Erase or greatly reduce wrinkles or laugh lines

A PRP facelift will give you an effortlessly natural and beautiful lift, without any major risks. Are you looking to create a significant amount of volume and get a tighter look? We can enhance your PRP facelift with a PRP filler!

PRP Therapy

If you are looking for a PRP facelift, have questions about PRP face injections, or would like to know more about PRP treatments for face concerns, feel free to contact Inspire MedSpa today! We are PRP therapy experts, trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of our products and practice. We are medically licensed for not just PRP facelifts or PRP face injections, but also PRP treatments for face and hair restoration. If you are looking for PRP therapy and are located in Blacksburg, VA, you’re in luck. Inspire MedSpa is a quick half hour drive from your location. Not located in Blacksburg, VA? Inspire MedSpa operates out of Blacksburg, VA and are happy to help you with your PRP Therapy. Furthermore, while discussing PRP therapy, let’s talk about ways you can enhance your PRP facelift:

Elevate your micro-needling experience with a topical PRP to the Platelet-Rich Plasma facelift and get stunning, high-end looking results a fraction of the cost. Micro-needling triggers your skin’s healing receptors, which then begins to build more new collagen and elastic fibers. When you add PRP, you increase the effectiveness of these results. You are safe to have a micro-needling procedure enhanced by PRP and enjoy a Platelet-Rich Plasma facelift on the same day as long as you do the fillers after the micro-needling.

One of the great things about a PRP facelift and PRP face injections is the presence of growth factors within the fillers of the PRP facelift. Growth factors are found naturally in your body and are armed with the capacity to increase in the production of fibroblasts and endothelial cells. The PRP facelift binds growth factors and platelets, which in turn enables a release of growth factors over the course of about a week. A great combination to consider with your PRP facelift is micro-needling, because it plays well with these growth factors. Micro-needling triggers a healing response, which can increase and deepen the healing effects created by growth factors.

Interested in a PRP facelift? Have more Questions? Please visit our PRP Hair Treatment Near Me page for more information. We also service the following areas in Virginia: