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PRP Hair Treatment in Blacksburg, VA

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Trusted PRP Hair Treatment near Blacksburg, VA

Our team at Inspire MedSpa knows the emotional toll that hair loss can have on a person. Experiencing hair loss can cause a decrease in confidence and elevate anxiety and depression. Your hair, whether you keep it short or long, is a very powerful part of your self-image. This is why Inspire MedSpa has added Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy to our MedSpa services. Compared to most treatments, PRP for hair loss cost is relatively affordable. PRP hair treatments are basically a plasma injection for hair follicles, which stimulates growth and encourages cell renewal. If you are looking for PRP hair treatment near you, then give us a call. Inspire MedSpa is located in Blacksburg, VA and conveniently services the following areas:

The Cost of PRP for Hair Loss

How Much Is PRP Hair Treatment?

Now that you know the PRP hair treatment cost is considerably low compared to other hair regrowing means, let’s dig into why the PRP hair treatment cost is so low. The PRP hair treatment cost is low, mostly because your blood is the source of the treatment. When you compare how much a PRP for hair lost cost is in comparison to a hair transplant, you will see it mainly comes down to sourcing the materials. Your blood is a lot more readily available than something that needs to be shipped to us. Now, you may be wondering:

PRP hair treatments draw blood (usually from our arm), place it in a centrifuge, and separate your blood into red blood cells, platelet-poor plasma, and platelet-rich plasma. From there, we take the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and we inject it into the parts of your scalp that are intended for hair regrowth. Our team at Inspire MedSpa in Blacksburg, VA assures that you are in a sterile, clinically sound environment for this procedure to occur. So if you are looking for a PRP treatment, we are your most trusted professionals!

Call Us for Plasma Injection for Hair

If you have tried brands like Rogaine or other conventional hair treatment methods and have had little success, you should look into getting a plasma injection for hair loss. A plasma injection for hair loss is safe and has proven to be effective in encouraging new hair growth. Let’s encourage new hair growth on your scalp! The next time you want to search for a PRP Hair Treatment, remember that Inspire MedSpa is just a hop and a skip away in Blacksburg, VA!

When you search for a PRP hair treatments, make sure to go straight to us! There are many PRP Hair treatment MedSpas, but none with staff members as educated in the PRP therapy process and the PRP for hair loss cost. If you are still concerned about how much your PRP for hair lost cost will be, Inspire MedSpa also offers a wide variety of payment plans, such as:

These repayment plans are acceptable along with cash, check, and Visa or MasterCard.

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