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If you have recently undergone weight loss or have noticed signs of aging in your skin, sagging skin tightening treatments may be for you. As opposed to laser skin tightening, the Forma and Forma Plus skin tightening treatments use radio frequency energy to target deep layers of skin. Our team at Inspire MedSpa has chosen to work with Forma and Forma Plus because of its FDA approved quality and effectiveness. Inspire MedSpa services anywhere from Blacksburg, VA and beyond. Let us help you feel better from the inside out! Inspire MedSpa also services the following locations:

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Laser Skin Tightening

Our team at Inspire MedSpa stays away from laser skin tightening at all costs. While this treatment is widely used in the MedSpa world, Inspire MedSpa sees a lot of downsides to the use of laser skin tightening. Some of these cons are:

  • Hyperpigmentation and Hypopigmentation. When you undergo laser treatment, there is the possibility of the treated area of skin becoming darker or lighter than your normal skin tone.
  • Ectropion. Treatment of the lower eyelid for puffiness or sagging may cause your eyelid to turn inside out and expose the tender side of your eyelid (yeesh!). This requires even more time at the doctor, as you will need to go through corrective surgery to fix this problem.
  • Infections. Some types of laser skin tightening treatments for your skin can cause fungal, bacterial, or viral infections. It can cause flare-ups and complicate your heal time.

Skin Tightening Treatments

When Inspire MedSpa researched what skin tightening treatments would be best for our clients, we found Forma and Forma Plus to be the most effective options out there. “Why?” you ask. Well, for one, the way that Forma and Forma Plus work is a lot better than normal laser skin treatments. We only want to give the best to our clients in Blacksburg, VA and Form delivers the results we want to see. Let’s go over what Forma and Forma Plus do, as well as some of the benefits.

What are Forma and Forma Plus, and What Do they Do?

As you know from before, Forma is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses RF (radio frequency) energy to deliver sub-dermal treatment to troubled skin areas. This process is very consistent and does not over or under treat skin. The skin tightening treatment does not require much action from the patient, who can sit back and relax during the procedure. When the sub-dermal heat hits, it encourages the increase of your skin’s collagen layers and remodels it to function as a more youthful layer. Aged collagen gets revitalized with the RF energy, and allows collagen strands to revitalize into tighter lines. This improves texture, wrinkles, and lines. The areas that can be treated with the Forma skin tightening method are:

  • The front or back of your thighs
  • Your hips
  • Your buttocks
  • The stomach area
  • Your arms

If you are looking to get to deeper fat or any adipose tissue, Forma Plus can typically be combined with our BodyFx treatments. Many of our patients will select one or two bigger areas of the body to be treated in the thirty to sixty-minute sessions. All Forma and Forma Plus treatments are usually done in a series of multiple sessions. You will typically need six to eight treatments, and treatments need to be at least a week apart. So, within two to three months, you will have a more youthful, tightened complexion! After that, we encourage you to enroll in one of our programs to undergo maintenance of your collagen.


What are the Benefits of Forma and Forma Plus?

Forma Skin Tightening

Before you begin your Forma skin tightening series, your team at Inspire MedSpa will be sure to take photos or measurements of your body’s current trouble areas, specifically the areas that are getting treated. We will have you sign a consent form to OK the skin tightening procedure, and go over what will happen during your skin tightening treatment. For your skin tightening, we will apply some ultrasound gel. We will begin your treatment by gliding the Forma head over the areas of your body you want tightened. The Forma head will slide over these areas in small and concentrated passes until a certain degree is reached and kept. This is the RF energy deeply penetrating your skin and heating it up.

When you go into your sessions, you will notice that each treatment has a built-in temperature gauge that helps maintain control of RF energy’s consistency. Form skin tightening treatments are very much pain-free and require no downtime. Most clients from Blacksburg, VA and beyond compare it to a hot stone massage. So, you can expect some redness, but it will go down within a few hours, and you can be onto your next activity of the day.


Forma Skin Tightening Results

Always set yourself up with realistic expectations for each and every treatment you go into. Your team at Inspire MedSpa encourages you to couple any skin tightening with a healthy lifestyle, including nutritious eating habits and daily exercising rituals. Forma is not a weight loss program, nor is it permanent. This is why we recommend going on an Inspire MedSpa maintenance program to maintain long-term results.

As opposed to laser skin tightening, you will find Forma pretty reasonably priced. We offer Forma and Forma Plus as a package of eight treatments for about $2,000. Treatments typically last between forty-five and sixty minutes. As with all treatments, consultation is needed to know the true price of your particular procedure. Once you have completed your initial eight treatments, we offer maintenance Forma treatments at a discounted price.


So, are you sick of laser skin tightening and ready for something more effective? Contact Inspire MedSpa to set up a consultation today!

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