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COVID Post-Vaccination Injuries and Alternative Therapies

Medical specialists have begun seeing and treating patients with post-vaccine symptoms. These symptoms are not rare as initially claimed. Movement disorders have manifested from brain and neural abnormalities caused by infection, inflammation, neurodegeneration, adverse drug effect and chronic disease (Marina Zhang, 5/2/23). Many patients have developed new autoimmune conditions following vaccination.

Most post-vaccine disorders have entirely novel presentations and do not fall within conventional diagnosis and symptoms. This has been a great challenge for diagnosing and treatment. Laboratory tests and scans often return with normal findings which is frustrating for both the provider and the patient. It may lead the provider to conclude that the patient is perfectly healthy despite the complaints.

Post-vaccine symptoms can often present as multiple-sclerosis-like, stroke-like and Alzheimer’s disease but are not fully consistent with the disease. Symptoms can be episodic with affected areas changing daily. Because of the inconsistencies many patients are diagnosed with functional neurologic disorders, a psychological disorder converted into a symptomatic condition. This incorrect diagnosis can delay treatment and impede recovery.
Doctors believe the number one cause of post-vaccine reactions is the spike protein. In vaccinated individuals the vaccine causes the body to produce high quantities of viral spike proteins. The spike protein has now been found to be potentially toxic and inflammatory. Neuroinflammation has shown improvement when anti-inflammatory therapies have been initiated.
The spike protein has also been shown to induce autoimmunity. Antibodies made against the spike proteins can act against 28 different human tissues. Studies have also found that the spike proteins can induce microclot formation in the blood. When a patient’s disorder shows a strong association with the vaccine it may be more helpful to treat the patient for the vaccine injury than treatment with conventional therapies.

Lack of recognition of vaccine reactions has not encouraged studies comparing treatment effectiveness. Many providers are prescribing both conventional and vaccine-targeted therapies in hopes to improve patient outcomes, however two patients with the same symptoms may react differently to a treatment (Marina Zhang, 5/2/23). Attention has been directed towards treating the root cause rather than focusing on symptoms.
COVID-vaccine injuries have inadvertently pushed doctors to introduce alternative medical practices into their clinics. Most doctors are trying to heal patients using dietary and lifestyle changes that allow patients to become healthier rather than trying to treat symptoms.

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Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) Therapy as An Alternative Treatment for Post-COVID and Post-Vaccination Injuries

Studies done on hundreds of patients over the years have shown results that indicate that UBI therapy is an effective treatment option for Post-COVID and post-vaccine injuries. UBI therapy results showed:

  • Infections were cured
  • Blood values modulated
  • Increase in new red blood cells occurred
  • Toxins in the body were neutralized
  • Autoimmune disorders were quieted
    Reports from physician pioneers and those of today show:
  • Oxygen uptake improvement
  • Pulse rate and respiratory rates would approach normal
  • Reduction in inflammation
  • Vasodilation occurred and microcirculation improved, even in the brain
  • Autonomic nervous system regulation, smooth muscle paralysis is normalized
  • Bacterial and viral infections were subdued
  • The immune system is modulated. If high it would quieten it down, if low it would activate against the disorder.
  • Red blood cell aggregation is reduced
    Cardiovascular improvement
    Reduction in pain as increased oxygen was able to circulate and be utilized
  • Increased phagocytic activity, increasing cells that engulf and absorb bacteria and other small cells and particles
  • Decreased blood volume, diastolic and systolic blood pressure, and hematocrit, normalizing blood pressure
  • Increased IgM activation by 2-6 times and IgG by 2-4 times – activating the nonspecific immune defense
  • Improved the balance between HDL and LDL cholesterol.
    Autoimmune issues were drastically reduced

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UBI is an alternative approach to current therapies in Post-COVID treatments. It is an immune modulating therapy and normalizes blood parameters. UBI boosts the immune system and helps fight disorders because it affects different components of the blood. It can suppress the immune response by inhibiting the production and release of cytokines making it beneficial in treating autoimmune disorders. UBI has a wide range of uses and few drawbacks making it a viable therapy for long-haul COVID symptoms and post-vaccination injuries.

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