Body Contouring

Most of us have at least one area of our body that we wish was firmer and more toned. Men and women are programmed to store fat in different ways. Women are still prone to storing fat in particular areas including hips, bottom, thighs and upper arms. Men tend to store fat in the abdominal region.

Areas of stubborn fat are areas that resistant to weight loss and exercise. These areas include:

·       Upper arms – this develops due to loss of elasticity of the skin. Sometimes referred to as “Bingo wings”. Accumulation of fat and loose skin create a saggy appearance

·       Bottoms and thighs – hormones and age cause fat to settle around pelvis, bottom and thighs.

·       Hips and stomach – sugar and hormones are the most common cause of fat accumulating around the abdomen and hip and may indicate insulin resistance

·       Double chin – with age, skin loosens and we lose muscle tone which causes this area to droop or appear “wobbly”

These are areas that it seems no matter how much we exercise, eat healthy, and maintain a healthy weight continue to be a problem. Even though the way we live has changed dramatically the way our body functions has yet to evolve.

My solution, that has worked for me, is body contouring. This removes those stubborn fat pockets. I tried CoolSculpting to target my fat areas but was left with loose skin. Loose hanging skin is unattractive and I had it on my arms. BodyFx can reduce those pockets of fat while tightening the skin at the same time. It was my answer and may your answer too.

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