Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Back Strain

  Physiology of a Back Strain: Nociceptive effect: • Activation of nociceptive nerve fibers • Signal sent down to neurons via spinal cord to brain. • Signals upregulate the feeling of pain and initiates the inflammatory response Inflammatory effect: • Damaged cells release cytokines and other mediators • Initiates vascular dilation and permeability • PMLs, …

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The Rejuvinating Process of PRP

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) initiates a soft tissue healing cascade. PRP supplies and releases growth factors from the platelets to stimulate a regenerative response that augments healing and promotes repair in tissues that would not normally happen in tissues with injury or low healing potential. PRP stimulates wound healing by inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling of …

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PRP is a preparation of your blood into a platelet concentrate in a smaller volume after processing in a centrifuge. Typically, 30 to 60 cc of blood is drawn from a vein and deposited in an FDA approved kit and then centrifuged. The kit separates the whole blood into the top plasma layer and bottom …

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PRP Therapies

Platelet Rich Plasma utilizes the body’s natural healing process. PRP is a concentration of platelets that are injected into the body to promote tissue repair and accelerate healing. Platelets are rich in growth and healing factors. PRP was made popular by professional athletes through its treatment of season-ending symptoms including swelling, stiffness, inflammation, tenderness and …

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Weight Loss after 50

Like many others I have tried everything to lose weight. After menopause I found that gaining weight was extremely easy while losing weight was almost impossible. After menopause, our metabolism slows considerably mostly because of our hormone depletion. Conditions as hypothyroidism also complicated my issue. For years I felt uncomfortable with my weight and the …

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Smoothie Recipes

Cocoa Bliss Smoothie This is a chocolate shake for breakfast and is power packed with creamy, health fat. Cacao not only adds great flavor, but it’s a source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Yields 1 serving ·       1 cup almond or cashew milk ·       ½ cup full-fat coconut milk ·       1 tablespoon raw cacao powder …

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