Body Type and Weight Loss

Knowing your body type is essential in losing weight. Each body type has its own specific characteristics. Most of us are more than one body type but usually one type stands out above others. We will consider your primary type for weight loss. One type can create problems for other types with hormones. When one hormone increases, another decreases. Determining your body type will help find your areas of weakness.
The majority of Americans hold weight in the stomach area more than others. This is contributed to the liver or the adrenals or a combination of both. There are different degrees of glandular problems, but many of them do not show in blood tests until they have advanced to a dangerous level. We will discuss the four body types responsible for resistant weight loss.

The Adrenal Type
This body type is characterized by sagging, hanging midsection weight with thin arms and legs. Fat pads can develop in the lower neck and upper back, commonly referred to as a “buffalo hump.” Fat accumulation in the face gives the appearance of a “moon face”. Weakened blood vessels give the face a reddened appearance. This body type generally has a large midsection with thin arms and legs.

The Ovary Type
The ovaries are responsible for controlling the menstrual cycle with the influence of 3 hormones. One of the hormones, estrogen, creates a fat layer around the female body. This is usually seen around the hips, buttocks and lower abdomen. When the ovaries become dysfunctional, they produce excess estrogen, which causes more fat. This is what gives the appearance of “saddle bags”. With the added fat, more estrogen is produced, as fat cells themselves produce estrogen. Problems such as PMS, cravings, bloating, painful cramps and excessive menstrual bleeding and depression during the menstrual cycle are all a part of the ovarian dysfunction.

The Thyroid Type
The thyroid gland is located in the lower part of the neck. It regulates body temperature, breakdown of carbohydrates, mental clarity and well-being, energy levels and vitamin absorption. The thyroid gland releases a combination of several different hormones. Their purpose is to speed up the metabolism. A sluggish thyroid can cause dry skin and brittle hair. Some people may even lose the outer third of their eyebrows. If the thyroid is not functioning optimally the body temperature drops causing cold hands and feet. Cravings occur because the body will demand quick energy and seek ways to fulfill that. Bread is a common craving with the thyroid type. The thyroid type has an overall fat distribution.

The Liver Type
The liver is the body’s filtration system, a major organ for detoxification. The liver filters out microbes, drugs, and dead cells. Every hormone, chemical, virus, fungus, bacteria and parasite is filtered through the liver. The liver also breaks down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It also makes sugar out of carbohydrates. The liver has a remarkable regenerating ability but is still subject to injury. When it does not function optimally, toxins can recirculate through the body exposing glands to harmful compounds which can trigger a toxic overload. A damaged or weak liver causes a potbelly appearance. These patients are sensitive to a wide range of foods and suffer from bloating, gas and indigestion.
Finding your body type can be the answer to your resistant weight loss. Most people have a primary and secondary issue. If the liver is blocked, the thyroid is inhibited. If the adrenals are overworking the liver will be inhibited. The body is a complex system and each system has a relationship with others. It is important to find the root cause and to address this issue first.

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