Insulin and weight gain

Many foods contain hidden sugars. Among these are vanilla yogurt, gum, alcohol, wine, beer, juice, sodas, sports drinks, salad dressings, desserts and even ketchup. Refined grains such as cereal, pasta, breads, crackers, pretzels, muffins, cakes and cookies all have hidden sugars. These are all starches and will turn into sugar quite rapidly. Cutting out grains can be an important factor in burning fat.
Vegetable starches are also converted to fat. These include potatoes, yams, corn, potato chips, French fries, hash brown, corn chips etc. Fruits, melons, and berries have a higher sugar content than vegetables and can trigger insulin in small amounts, but the fiber they contain buffers the response. Other fruits such as bananas, dates, figs raisins and canned fruit have a high sugar content but lower fiber so they have a greater effect on insulin.
The best fruit is the apple. It is high in malic acid and pectin which aid cardiovascular and digestive health. It is also high is potassium and contains no sodium.
Eliminating sugary foods and refined starches decreases the body’s insulin response which is essential in weight loss.

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