Who Am I………..

Who am I ….Getting to know Me.
My name is Jane Gilley. I am a Nurse Practitioner. I started in healthcare in 1983. Most of my experience has been in fast paced, high stress healthcare arenas such as CCU, ED, trauma and pain management. After years of working in these arenas it was time for me to slow down. I want to provide my patients with quality care in a patient centered atmosphere. Opening a medical clinic in a spa type atmosphere seemed to suit the type of care I am seeking to provide.
First, and most important, I am a mother and grandmother. I have a beautiful daughter and a very handsome son-in-law. They have given me a little princess for a granddaughter, at least in my eyes she is. I am sure her mother wanders at times, as she is quite strong willed. Soon a grandson will become a part of the family, a nice Christmas present for Nana.
I live with my best friend who is also my partner. Together we have decided to open a clinic. I was born in West Virginia and now live just outside of Blacksburg. One of my favorite past times is college football, which only becomes a problem when Virginia Tech plays WVU. It is unlikely that all their games will end in a tie. I have 2 pets, one cat, one dog who seem to have a Garfield, & Otey type relationship. I have two sisters, no brothers, and we remain close, even though they are not physically near.
I have noticed as I get older that “wisdom does come with age.” I have seen the worse and the best of people and situations. I have laughed with patients, but I have also cried. I have held patients taking their last breath and also babies taking their first breath. My goal is to remain as healthy as I can as long as I am alive, for me, my partner, and my family. I want to also do the same for you.
I am offering you therapies that making aging a little easier to enjoy. Ones that I have found make me feel better about myself, both inside and out, but I cannot do it without you so please stop in and see what we have to offer.

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