Exercise and Fat Burning Hormones

When it comes to fat-burning, we should be more concerned with the type of calories burned than of quantity burned. The most important point is that fat-burning occurs 14-48 hours after exercising, but only if you have adequate sleep, proper nutrition, low sugar intake, low stress and healthy glands.
Barriers to weight loss:
1. Sleeping less than 7 quality hours, including having a good deep sleep and feeling rejuvenated.
2. Not resting enough between exercise sessions.
3. Not resting long enough between repetitious or intense bouts of exercise.
4. Intense exercise sessions that are too long. Intense anaerobic exercise should last 25-40 minutes with a good amount of rest between bouts of exercise.
5. Consuming sugars, starches, juice, sports drinks or alcohol. Protein bars are full of sugar.
6. Having pain or inflammation
7. Lots of stress.
Carbohydrates will stimulate insulin, which nullifies fat-burning hormones. Protein before workouts is best. Nuts or cheese are good before exercising. Consuming sugar, juice, or refined carbohydrates before bed can inhibit fat-burning hormones during sleep.
You should never exercise with a sore muscle. Sore means healing. This can stimulate the adrenal glands. A teaspoon of flax oil will increase oxygen and help eliminate soreness.
Remember to exercise for your body type to achieve the greatest success.

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