Exercise for weight loss

Exercise can be used as a tool to influence maximum fat burning. There are basically 2 types of exercise: 1) low-intensity, low pulse rate endurance, referred to as aerobic exercise; 2) higher-intensity, higher pulse rate exercise, referred to as anaerobic. It is prudent to exercise for your specific body type in order to achieve maximum results.
Low-intensity exercise burns fuel with oxygen. The aerobic system runs at a slow to moderate pace. The heart rate remains between 127 and 130 beats per minute. A good indicator for aerobic exercise is the respirations. With this exercise, you will be able to speak without the need to take gasping breaths during sentences. With this type of exercise, the body begins to burn fat after 30 minutes. With this type of exercise the body burns fat during exercise and shortly thereafter. Examples of this type of exercise are: walking, mild treadmill, biking, light jogging, and light swimming.
High-intensity exercise, or anaerobic, produces energy without utilizing oxygen. This system does not initially burn fat, however it stimulates fat-burning hormones 14 to 48 hours after exercise. This system gets activated at a higher pulse rate, around 145 to 150 beats per minute. Examples of this type of exercise are: running, fast jogging, fast treadmill, soccer, hockey, basketball, swing dancing, wrestling, weight training, sprinting and boxing. This system burns fat during sleep so sleep quantity and quality needs to be sufficient.
The adrenal body type will start with the aerobic exercise. With the body type the adrenals are already overworked. Putting more stress on the adrenals would make things worse. We do not want to overstimulate the adrenals, causing any increase in cortisol. Too much cortisol can make you fat. Intense exercise in this body type will block the rejuvenation and repair of the body. The exercise option for this body type is low-intensity for longer durations. This causes less stress on the body, taking less time to recover from the exercise. Fat burning will be triggered but only after 20-30 minutes of exercise. In the beginning exercise should done every other day, gradually increasing as the adrenals heal.
The Ovary body type has a lower-body cellulite fat. This body type needs a combination of endurance and resistance exercise.
The liver and thyroid body types respond best to anaerobic exercise.
Exercise is just one of the triggers for weight loss. Triggering the fat-burning hormones without triggering the fat storing hormones can be crucial for weight loss.

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