Hormones and Body Shape

Obesity is a big problem in America, more so than other countries. People in other countries consume less fast foods and eat more fresh and natural foods. In America we fatten cattle, chicken and other animals via hormones. Even farm-raised fish are fed hormones and antibiotics. Additive hormones in our meats cause hormone disruption in our bodies, creating the obstacle of weight loss. These are endocrine disruptors and are environmental poisons that mimic and disrupt the normal hormonal function.
Glands and hormones always have a back and forth connection within a properly functioning system. Hormones are the messengers and the receptors in our bodies need to receive the signals in order for the system to function optimally. If the receptors are blocked it is like communicating with someone who has earplugs. When this malfunctions, the body distortions begin.
The hormone estrogen makes the fat layer in the female body. Fat cells also produce estrogen, which inhibits thyroid and liver function. An excess of this hormone will cause fat cells to deposit in certain areas of the body. There are many endocrine disruptors that can mimic estrogen. Some of these are:
• Pesticides
• Insecticides
• Herbicides
• Fungicides
• Plastics
• Solvents
• Heavy metals
As we age, the exposure to these chemicals plug the receptors reducing hormone communication. Hormones eventually lose their effectiveness and become resistant or stubborn. Glands that are disrupted cause fat deposition in different parts of the body. It is this distinction that helps us detect which gland is causing the condition and how to address that stubborn, resistant weight. Which gland is causing your weight loss problem? Check our website to find your body type.

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