Hormones and Their Effect on Weight Loss

Hormones control metabolism. Hormones can either increase fat storage or increase fat burning. Hormones also have much to do with the way people feel, and the health of the brain and heart. Hormones are simply chemical messengers that travel through the blood stream to signal other parts of the body. There is a two-way connection between glands and their receptors. Glands send the message via hormone to the body’s tissues. Once received the body’s cells are supposed to send a message back. Hormone messages must be received before they can work. Many times there is no connection. If the cells do not receive the message then no process takes place. Each gland, when in trouble, will create specific bodily symptoms, which in turn reshapes the body. It can take years before the hormone discrepancy will show in the blood work. You can have normal blood levels yet the liver is not activating them.
The hormone system is very sensitive to environmental chemicals. In America we fatten our meats via hormones. We also treat them with antibiotics and treat our plants with pesticides. When we consume meats that have been given hormones from birth, it is possible that some of the residual leaks out into our body. Over time the exposure causes the hormone receptors to become plugged, increasing hormone resistance, decreasing their effectiveness. Because of the presence of hormones in our food supply we are seeing girls mature earlier and boys developing breast tissue. Also the EPA has concluded the 90-95% of pesticide residues are found in our meat and dairy products. Over the years chemical exposure accumulates until our system gets overwhelmed and cannot burn fat anymore.
We have 6 fat-burning hormones and 3 fat storing hormones. Each are produced by glands in our body and each have different triggers that affect their function. Our goal is to trigger the fat- burning hormones while avoiding triggering the fat storing hormones.

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