The Ovarian Body Shape

The ovaries are responsible for controlling the menstrual cycle by making the environment suitable for egg growth and reproduction. One of the major hormones is estrogen. This hormone creates a fat layer around the female body, specifically around the ovaries, hips, buttocks, and lower abdomen. When ovaries become dysfunctional they can produce too much estrogen, creating an excess which causes more fat to be distributed on the thighs, lower stomach and the buttocks. Increased fat cells increase the production of estrogen as fat cells produce estrogen.
Problems caused by ovaries include PMS, cravings, bloating, and painful cramps. Ovaries are sensitive to environmental hormones, i.e. birth control pills, growth hormones fed to beef, chicken, and fish. Chemicals such as pesticides can also mimic hormones. When external estrogens enter the system, the normal production of estrogen is disrupted. This causes the ovaries to increase their production of estrogen or the ovaries to shut down their production of estrogen. The second scenario is what causes ovarian cysts and other growths, which in turn can produce even more estrogen, resulting in additional fat around thighs and hips.
Too much estrogen can block the thyroid function. Estrogen increases inhibit thyroid hormone production, often seen in pregnancy. For the ovarian body type, it is essential to consume organic, hormone free foods as much as possible.
During menopause the ovaries shut down and the adrenals take over estrogen production, only in smaller quantities. Dysfunctional adrenals cannot backup the ovaries causing weight gain, hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness. With the ovarian body type, a person may have a thinner waist before menopause then begin to start getting belly fat, increasing waist size.
Ovarian body types often see weight gain in hips, thighs, and buttocks, with a lower stomach bulge. Excessive menstrual bleeding and cyclic mood swings can occur. Depression is often a challenge along with cravings. Cyclic pain is also an issue with this body type. Since the adrenals take over when the ovaries shut down, these two

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