The Liver Type

The liver is the body’s filtration organ. It filters microbes, drugs, dead cell, & chemicals. Every hormone, virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite are filtered through the liver. It also assists with digestion breaking down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. It is the major organ for detoxifying the body. If the liver gets damaged toxins can be recirculated exposing delicate glands to harmful compounds. Synthetic hormones, medications, aspirin, and birth control pills can cause damage to the liver over time. When the liver doesn’t function properly, it causes a potbelly appearance, frequently referred to as “beer gut”.
Liver body types are sensitive to a whole range of foods. Fatty foods and refined grains usually cause bloating, gas and indigestion. This body type rarely gets the last part of sleep resulting in inadequate sleep. They may awaken with a tight, almost arthritic-like feeling in the lower back. The mornings are a struggle because the liver cannot hold blood sugar for a full 7 hours, so morning grouchiness is common. This is actually caused by low blood sugar. Liver types become more pleasant to be around in the evening after several meals. Arthritis and bad skin are common. Many liver body types also have problems with gluten. Digestive issues are also a characteristic of the liver type. The liver’s main function of breaking down toxins is disrupted. Males may develop shrinkage of the testes and spider veins are commonplace.
Liver problem can originate from constipation, consumption of refined sugars as found in alcohol. Sugars break down so fast that it shocks the liver, weakening it. Consuming excessive proteins and fats also puts damage and stress on the liver. Viruses and fungi can destroy the liver. Medications, such as statins, have been known to weaken the liver. Nutritional deficiencies, especially Vitamin B, can damage the liver. Refined foods deplete B vitamins. Consuming processed foods high in MSG also damages the liver.
Liver damage may not show up on blood tests. The liver can take lots of abuse, so considerable damage can be done before any symptoms present themselves. Creating a healthy liver is the most important step in weight loss.

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