Weight Loss after 50

Like many others I have tried everything to lose weight. After menopause I found that gaining weight was extremely easy while losing weight was almost impossible. After menopause, our metabolism slows considerably mostly because of our hormone depletion. Conditions as hypothyroidism also complicated my issue. For years I felt uncomfortable with my weight and the difficulty I had losing it. My provider adjusted my thyroid medicine a few times with no success in weight loss but it did relieve other symptoms I was experiencing. It was not until I started this business that I evaluated my reproductive hormones (estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone). Upon testing I found that I was deficient in all of these hormones. I began working on balancing these hormones as well.

I started feeling much better after I achieved a balanced state. Many of my symptoms that I thought was associated with hypothyroidism were apparently also because of my reproductive hormone imbalance. Once I found the balance right for me, I began to lose weight. I eat responsibly and know that my metabolism Is not what is was in my 20s and have adjusted my intake to accommodate that. But prior to adjusting my hormones even these steps did not result in weight loss.

I now have lost 16 pounds and feel much better. The annoying symptoms that I experienced are no longer giving me an issue. I have more energy and have a stronger sexual drive. It has improved my outlook on everything in life. No longer is my outlook dark but my optimism is back. The depression that came with my menopausal symptoms no longer drags me down.

There is hope after menopause. Our hormones are our messengers and they tell the body what to do. Getting them in balance has allowed me to lose the weight and I now feel better about myself and my outlook towards life.

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