Weight Loss Resistant Body Types

Did you know there are four different body shapes associated with weight loss resistance? Fat means survival to the body. The body stores the fat for a source of energy. Certain hormones direct where the body deposits this fat. A distortion of this function causes different body shapes. These are the adrenal, ovary, thyroid and liver. These body shapes are a result of specific correlating glandular problems. For the body to burn fat these glandular dysfunctions must be addressed. There are many various diet and exercise programs, i.e. cabbage soup, high-protein, grapefruit etc.  You get the idea. There is new one popping up every day. Many have tried several diets and still contend with a stubborn and resistant metabolism.

Our hormones determine whether we hold on to fat or if we burn the fat for energy. Your own hormones can work against you, making you fat and distorting your body’s shape. Different bodies need different solutions. You must be healthy in order to lose weight. The body won’t release fat until it is at a certain level of health. The right goal is to create healthier glands and hormones. Your weight is a symptom not the cause. You can use food and activities to trigger the fat-burning hormones. By triggering the correct hormones your body will burn fat and keep it off, while getting healthy at the same time.

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