Stubborn Body Fat

Why does stubborn body fat exist? What can we do to eliminate it?
Receptors inside the fat cell control the rate of fat loss. Alpha receptors slow the rate of fat loss and beta receptors increase the rate of fat loss. To lose weight we must increase the activity of the beta receptors while decreasing the alpha receptor activity.
Three things are important to address when losing weight.
• Insulin levels
• Thyroid function
• Estrogen level.
Burning stubborn body fat.
High insulin levels are bad for fat loss. Insulin increases the alpha receptor activity, while inhibiting the beta receptors. Stubborn fat areas love insulin. Insulin is released in the body in response to carbohydrates in the diet. Cutting calories by reducing carbs and fats reduces the insulin response.
A dysfunctional thyroid hurts fat loss efforts. Thyroid activity increases the activity of the beta receptors so the thyroid must function optimally to induce weight loss.
To lose weight, you should not drop calorie content too quick or too much. Dropping too many calories at one time will put your body in starvation mode causing it to hang on to all the calories consumed plus it slows the metabolism to prevent burning what little fuel it is getting. Calories should be tapered down. Reducing 100 calories a week is sensible goal.
Once a week it is a good idea to have a carb-up day. This means that once a week it is a good idea to eat whatever you desire. This helps to reset the metabolism.
There are specific reasons for why stubborn fat refuses to go away. The body stores fat when we eat and burns fat when it runs out of food energy. Most of the fat burning is accomplished during sleep, a fasted state. If you eat more food than the body burns then it never has a chance to burn stored fat. Fat burning only occurs in a fasted state. The larger the meal, the greater the insulin response, the longer your body takes to get back to the fasted state. Fasting for longer than 6 hours increases your body’s ability to burn fat.
Energy expenditure must exceed energy intake. Your body will not burn stored fat for fuel when it gets all it needs from food. You must still have a calorie deficit to lose weight. Plateauing occurs when the body has burned available fat stores and only the stubborn areas of fat are left. For the body to burn stubborn fat, you must keep it firing on all cylinders and get adequate sleep so fat burning can occur.

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