Fat Burning Triggers and Blockers

There are 2 basic types of weight problems: (1) fat and (2) water weight. The fat is a result of a failing endocrine system (glands and hormones) and the fluid retention is a problem of sodium and potassium imbalance, which could also be as a result of failing endocrine glands – adrenals.
To correct these problems, avoidance of the cause is necessary. Restoring glandular health and triggering the fat-burning hormones is the key to losing weight for those resistant to weight loss. More important is avoiding the things that prevent fat-burning and mineral imbalance. Fat-burning hormones are nullified in the presence of fat-storing hormones.
There are many diets for weight loss.
• The high-protein, low-carb diet will help lower insulin but may fail to balance sodium and potassium ratios. Potassium is required to support fat-burning hormones.
• Low calorie diets will help temporary weight loss but may activate the adrenal stress hormones, causing a rebound resulting in a slower metabolism and more weight gain.
• High fat diets can aggravate the liver. The liver is needed for the fat-burning hormones to work.
• High vegetable and fruit diets help but fail to give enough protein to stimulate fat burning.
• A moderation diet of vegetables, healthy grains and proteins can also create problems, as eating everything in moderation can block fat-burning easily.

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