The Thyroid Type

The thyroid is a gland located in the lower part of the neck. This gland regulates the rate at which the body burns food and controls the production of certain body tissues, such as nails and hair. Body temperature, breakdown of carbohydrates, mental clarity and well-being, energy levels and vitamin absorption are all regulated by the thyroid. The thyroid directly influences cholesterol levels, hair texture, nail strength, suppleness or dryness of the skin as well as our sex drive.
The thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism, the rate at which the body breaks down food and changes it into energy. A sluggish thyroid results in a slow metabolism. Everything is slowed. Brain processes may be suppressed, triggering lethargy, depression and general apathy. Dry skin and dry brittle hair can also be seen with a sluggish thyroid.
Due to the slower metabolism, the body demands quick energy, creating cravings for carbohydrates, mostly starches i.e. bread. Carbohydrates can include sugars, starches, grains, vegetables and fruits. The carbohydrates that are a concern are those that have been refined. With this body type fat-burning can be a problem because in the presence of refined carbodydrates, the body cannot burn fat. The need for vitamins is increased because they are just not absorbed if the thyroid is weak.
All glands interact with each other. Since 80% of the thyroid function occurs through the liver, if the liver is not functioning well, then a good portion of the thyroid hormone activation is inhibited. A toxic environment, such as estrogen mimics, can be linked to thyroid deficiencies. Viruses such as the Epstein-Barr virus, responsible for Mono (the kissing disease), can sometimes affect thyroid function later in life. Estrogen inhibits thyroid function and is the number one hormone added to animal feed. Commercial milk contains a high amount of estrogen and it takes a very minute amount of estrogen to create effects. With this body type reducing or eliminating foods that contain growth hormones and reducing the consumption of chemicals that mimic estrogen are essential. Eating organic foods, especially fruits and vegetables can help eliminate these chemicals.
These are the four different body types that cause resistant weight loss. All present with different, yet similar issues. Each influences the other, but addressing the most prominent body type can be of help when it comes to resistant weight loss.

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